Hi, my name is Ted Jones and our family has been involved in camping, fishing and the outdoors for over 50 years. We love getting out and exploring this beautiful country. Chasing the elusive Murray Cod, fly fishing down south for trout, or trying to catch barramundi up north or, we enjoy both freshwater and saltwater fishing. If we are not throwing in a line, then camping with the kids and touring around Australia and enjoying the sights along the way is what we enjoy. Kayak fishing, scuba diving and spearfishing are also in the mix. Testing out camping products, like tents, portable camping generators and other gear is what we like fiddling around with as well. Caravan camping in remote spots and also catching up with friends at the caravan parks around the country is a favorite pastime we enjoy. This also works in well with doing gear reviews and caravan tips in our travels. We have camped, caravanned and fished in every state in Australia and want to give our kids the chance to experience some great memories of the outdoors!
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