Fishing Photos

  • Author: Ted Jones
  • Date: February 6, 2024

Show us your fishing catch! It doesn’t matter if your catch is big or small.

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Fishing photos

Optional: You can put in a caption / description of what fish it is, what you caught in on, or where you got it from, name of angler, tackle used, etc. You can include lots of detail, or just a minimal description, it’s up to you.

It may not even be a fish you caught, but a nice scenic photo of the sun setting on a lake, or a picture of an old lure, funny fishing images, kayak fishing photos, new boat, or something fishing related.

This page is open to American, Australian, British and anglers all over the world. Saltwater and freshwater, big or small, why not submit your fishing images today and show us your catch?

Fishing Images

Fishing for trout. A brown trout caught on spinner.

Above photo: A brown trout caught by a gold Mepps Aglia inline spinner size 3.

Below pic: Night fishing with bait, a 58cm brown trout.

Brown trout caught on bait.


Below Image: Brown trout caught at Lake Wendouree, bait fishing with a mudeye. (Mudeyes are the nymphal stage of dragonflies.)

Brown trout caught using a mudeye at Lake Wendouree.

Below fishing photo: 64cm brown trout caught night fishing at Lake Wendouree.

64cm brown trout caught at Lake Wendouree.


Spin fishing for rainbow trout

Above photo: A rainbow trout that was jumping out chasing dragon flies and was caught with a hard body lure spinning.

Below image: A 58 cm brown trout caught fly fishing at Ballarat on a Redfin Runner fly pattern.

Fly fishing brown trout at Ballarat


Brown trout caught on inline spinner

Above: A beautiful brown trout caught on a Mepps Spinner.

Below: Large redfin perch caught fly fishing with a Redfin Runner fly.

big redfin perch


Image below: Redfin Perch caught on a Mepps Inline Spinner.

Large Redfin Perch


Fishing for Redfin Perch


Above Photo and below: Fishing for redfin perch.


Fishing for redfin perch on lure
Golden Perch caught on soft plastics.

Above photo: Golden Perch caught on Z-Man soft plastics, 2.5″ curly tail grub.


Below: Nice English Perch (Redfin) caught on spinnerbait.

English Perch caught on spinner bait.
Murray cod fishing. Caught on lure.

Above image: 45 cm Murray Cod caught on lure.


Below photo: 47 cm rainbow trout caught at the Moorabool Reserviour on inline spinner Tasmanian Devil blade. For more information, click on – Fishing Moorabool Reservoir Guide

Rainbow trout fishing at Moorabool Reservoir

Redfin Perch fishingAbove photo: Redfin Perch caught on a micro chatterbait lure with a 2.5″ curly tail grub in winter.


Below image: Beautiful 75 cm Murray Cod caught on lure.

Murray cod


Darcy with brown trout

Above and below image: Darcy with a big 73 cm brown trout caught on fly. Nice fish! For more fishing photos, click on DJFish11 for Instagram and DJFish channel on YouTube.

Brown trout caught by Darcy


Murray cod caught by Darcy.


Above and below fishing photos: Darcy with a nice Murray Cod caught on a Spin Wright Spinnerbait.

Darcy with a nice Murray cod caught on lure.


Below photograph: A healthy big redfin perch (English Perch) 41 cm caught on a Daiwa Bait Junkie soft plastic minnow 2.5″ lure.

redfin perch caught on soft plastic lure.


Brown trout on suspended minnow lureNight fishing. 42cm Brown trout caught on suspended lure.


Rainbow trought caught on bent minnow lure early in morning.
Above: Rainbow trout caught on a bent minnow lure, early in morning.


Stonker rainbow troutAbove image: Big 62 cm “Stonker” rainbow trout caught at Lake Wendouree, Ballarat in Victoria. Caught by 11 year Lachlan, with a Black Magic Bmax 50mm Fire Tiger lure. What a great catch!

For more information, tips, tackle on fishing Lake Wendouree, visit – Lake Wendouree Fishing At Ballarat | Beginners Guide


Below: Redfin (English Perch) on lure.

Redfin Perch on lure

First trout caught fly fishing
Above: Proud moment, first brown trout caught fly fishing (2nd caught on fly) at Newlyn Reservoir, caught on a nymph pattern.


Redfin on lureA little redfin (English Perch) caught on 60mm suspended lure, fishing at Hepburn Lagoon.


Redfin at Lake WendoureeAbove Image: Nice 36cm redfin caught on lure at Lake Wendouree.


Fishing Ballarat

Above: Fishing Ballarat waters for redfin.


Trout fly fishingTrout fly fishing at Lake Wendouree caught on an emerger pattern. The fish were chasing nymphs / mayflies that are hatching.


lake Wendouree redfin perch


Below photo: English Perch (redfin) caught at Lake Wendouree.

English Perch (redfin) Lake Wendouree


Berkley pro tech jerk minnowRedfin caught on a Berkley pro tech jerk minnow, suspended lure.


Rainbow Trout

Above image: Rainbow trout.

Below: Redfin on fly. See Fishing Moorabool Reservoir for more information.

Redfin fly fishing at the Moorabool Reservoir

Brown trout lure fishing. Caught on a Tassie Devil lure.

Above Photo: 45 cm brown trout caught on Tassie Devil lure.

Below image: Redfin on lure at Moorabool Reservoir.

redfin caught at Moorabool Reservoir


Below: Fly fishing at Hepburn Lagoon at sunrise.

Fly fishing Hepburn Lagoon at sunrise


Below photo: Redfin Perch feeding in shallows, took the inline spinner.

redfin perch on lure

Fishing, carp on bait

Below and above. Carp caught at Cairn Curran Reservoir on bait.


Carp caught on corn.


Below photo: Redfin perch caught on an inline spinner blade.

Redfin perch caught on an inline spinner blade.


Below Photo: Brown trout caught spin fishing with a pink Tassie Devil lure on a Daiwa RX combo rod & reel 7′.

Brown trout caught spin fishing.


Nice brown trout

Above photo: Beautiful golden brown trout.


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