Fishing Shirts | Australian Buying Guide

  • Author: Ted Jones
  • Date: April 6, 2023

Australian fishing shirts

Fishing shirts are getting more popular in Australia each year and for good reason. They look good and protect you from the elements. So in this buying guide we will cover the benefits, types, brands and designs of the Aussie fishing shirt to help you find the right one. This guide is what you have been looking for to help you decide which one for you!

Daiwa Fishing Shirts: A Guide For Anglers

Whether you are an adult or a kid, fishing is fun. However, if you want to take your fishing experience to the next level, some good fishing gear like a fishing shirt helps.

But why would you need dedicated clothing gear to begin with? Well, fishing is a game of patience. And being comfortable while you wait for the fish to take your bait or lure is essential. So, you cannot just pick regular shirt with no thought of the rack, it may not offer the right level of comfort or style.

For that reason, we have huddled this detailed guide. It will offer you insight into these fishing shirts and will make choosing the right one a piece of cake.

What Are the Types of Fishing Shirts?

Long sleeve fishing shirt

Before anything else, you need to have a fair idea regarding the types. Yes, just like regular clothing, there are different types of fishing shirts. In fact, there are basically four different types. And here is a brief description of each:


Long Sleeve Fishing Shirts

One of the fisher’s dreams is to sit on the water bank or in the boat and fish until the sun goes down. Well, that dream can become a reality with the long sleeve shirts. The sleeves will protect you from the mozzies, sun’s heat and make you feel comfortable throughout the entire day.

But that is not all! The long sleeves will offer you some extra warmth during the harsh winter. It will let you stay cosy and sit near the water for a prolonged amount of time without freezing as an extra layer with your other clothes.

Now, when it comes to overall flashiness, colours, and patterns, fishers will have a lot of options to choose from. It can certainly be a bit difficult to make a proper choice when it comes to colour. But if you have mastered choosing the perfect lure colour, then this should be much more manageable for you.

Nonetheless, many might argue that the long sleeves will not offer the users that much comfort or breathability. But did you know that there are options with arm vents and light fabric?

Likewise, you will find options with thin lining and lightweight mesh inside. They will even offer you the feeling that you are wearing clothing with no sleeves at all. Let us not forget that there are long sleeve fishing shirts with a collar too. With those, you will not have to worry about UV rays affecting your neck that much.

Other than that, some will even come with pockets and arm vents. The pockets will come in handy if you want to carry some small fishing gear with you.


Short Sleeve

Some of the fishing is done during the hot Aussie summer. And in summer, the boat or bank can be blasted with heat. In such environments, light clothes make the most sense. Well, that is where the short sleeve fishing shirts also step in.

Like the long sleeves, you will find an array of options for the short sleeves. There will be tons of colour options, patterns, and textures. In fact, you will even have the choice of the fabric type. These options will make getting the clothing you are most comfortable with easier.

You will find different fish graphics on the top amongst bright designs and colours. That will include cod, snapper, Murray, trout, crocs, sharks, marlin, and others.

There are natural and earthy colours available too. Also, with the camouflage patterns, you can easily fish close to the rivers and fish for specific fishes such as trout.

Now, one of the negatives of the short sleeves is that they will leave your arms exposed. But slap on a bit of sunscreen, or have an extra, long sleeve shirt for the elements.


Men’s and Women’s Fishing Shirts

Mens fishing shirt

Apart from unisex fishing shirts, there are gender-specific shirts as well. Take women’s fishing shirts, for example. These will come with a unique shape, which will conform to your body and make you feel a lot more comfortable.

Likewise, there are men’s fishing shirts. These will have a specific design to ensure that men can comfortably wear the clothing for hours without facing any discomfort. And these gender-specific clothing will also come in a wide array of colours and patterns.

Fishing shirts make a great birthday present, or Christmas present for the fisherman, or fisher lady. Father’s day or mother’s day coming up, look no further than a fishing shirt for a special gift.


Kids Fishing Shirts

Kids fishing shirt

If you go to the popular fishing spots and boat ramps, you will notice a lot of young fishermen. Well, they too have a dedicated type of fishing shirt. But what do they have to offer? These will be pretty similar to adult long and short sleeves. And they will come with their own assortment of colours and patterns.

Talking of which, kids love to express themselves with what they wear. For that reason, the colour assortment will mostly be flashy. These clothing will also have attractive patterns. However, you will not find it that difficult to find a camo or earthy colour version.

That said, the long sleeve shirts would be the go-to pick for the parents who want to protect their little fishermen from the sun or annoying insects. But that does not mean that the kid’s short sleeves do not have any popularity at all. They are trendy too! In fact, parents will get both long and short sleeves for their kids.

But what makes children’s fishing shirts different than regular shirts? Well, the same thing that was applicable for adult shirts applies here as well.

These shirts will offer more comfort and make your kid have an overall excellent time when they are fishing. Plus they kids feel like they belong to a group, or look just like mum or dad fishing.


What Are the Brands of Fishing Shirts?

Like regular clothing, there are loads of different brands offering fishing clothes. But among all of them, these are some popular ones:

  • Penn
  • Shimano
  • BCF
  • Samaki
  • Berkley
  • Jarvis Walker
  • Anaconda
  • Z Man
  • Big Fish Gear
  • Abu Garcia
  • Team Zerek
  • Patagonia
  • Big Fish
  • Under Armor
  • AFN
  • BushCook
  • Real Tree
  • Sage
  • Orvis
  • Savage Gear
  • Loomis
  • Wilson
  • Diawa


Where Can You Buy Fishing Shirts?

Anaconda fishing shirt

Camping stores, fishing shops, custom fishing shirt places, fishing gear and boat manufactures like:

  • BCF
  • Anaconda
  • eBay
  • AFN
  • Shimano
  • Orvis
  • Tackle Warehouse
  • Otto’s Tackle World
  • Big Sims
  • Double Z International Fishing Tackle
  • Hooked Online
  • Guts Fishing Apparel
  • Oz Fishing Shirts
  • Big Fish Gear
  • The Mad Hueys
  • Freddy’s
  • Spot On Fishing
  • Tackle World
  • Amazon Australia
  • Z Man Fishing Store
  • Pelagic Gear
  • Hooked On Fishing


Where Can You Buy A Custom Fishing Shirt?

Now, among the custom fishing shirts, places like: Owayo, Oz Fishing Shirts, SriSports, Spida Custom Apparel, Fish Wreck, LJM Design, Switch Bait are worth checking out in Australia.

For America and overseas, some custom shirt design brands are: Pronto sports, Rushordetees, Ecustomwear, Wooterapparel, and Logosoftwear.



Is It Worth Buying a Special Fishing Shirt?

It can certainly feel like you are just spending extra money on getting a dedicated fishing shirt. Well, you will sign up to enjoy loads of benefits if you can get your hands on a proper fishing shirt. Let us explain a bit more of the benefits and features.



Most of the high-end long sleeve and short sleeve fishing shirts will be of breathable material. Some will even integrate quick-drying material. These two traits enhance the comfort level of the shirts massively.

You will not find yourself sweating too much with those, even on a bright sunny day. (Perhaps except up north chasing barramundi with a big croc close to the small boat.)


UV and Sun Protection

Shimano fishing shirts

Long sleeve shirts will not keep your arms exposed. And the less the amount of skin exposed, the less your skin will get damaged from the sun. You will even find long sleeve shirts that will be made with UPF and SPF opacity levels. These shirts will offer maximum protection from sun rays and UV.

Another advantage of wearing a full sleeve fisherman shirt is that the protection will be constant, unlike sunscreens that can easily wipe away by water. Additionally, the shirts with a collar will protect your neck. Some will even utilize specialized material for the collar. That is something you will not find in regular shirts.


Wind Protection and Warmth

Like UV and sun protection, some of the shirts will specialize in offering protection from the wind. This feature will mostly come in handy in winter. The winds will not give you chills, and eventually, you will be capable of fishing for a prolonged amount of time. More time on the water, can mean more potential of catching some fish.

On that note, some of the long sleeves will have an additional layer inside. This layer will mostly be there to provide warmth. Again, this trait will make it easier for you to fish for a prolonged amount of time during colder weather.


Bug Protection

In contrast to regular clothing, the durability level of good fishing shirts will be exceptionally high on the better quality shirts. Thanks to that, it will be pretty tough for the insects to get to your skin.

By wearing long sleeves, you will even get protection from flies, mosquitoes, horseflies, and gnats. And the most important aspect of getting bug protection is that you can focus entirely on fishing. There will be no need to drop your fishing rod just to swat the mozzies away from your skin.


Water Protection

Getting wet can be part of fishing. However, being soaked in water can be pretty uncomfortable. The good news is that some fishing clothing will utilize a unique material to repel water.

Even the saltwater sprays are not something that you would need to worry about with these shirts on.



As we mentioned earlier, some of the fishing shirts will come with pockets. These pockets will undoubtedly come in handy if you want to have quick access to small gears. In fact, you might not even feel the need to keep your backpack or fishing tackle boxes around.



Last but not least, these shirts come in tons of different colours. There are flashy patterns, attractive graphics, and camo versions available. And both adults and kids will like the colour assortment that these come in.

Also, let us not forget to state that you will look very professional when you are wearing these shirts. Some people might even think you belong to a professional BCF fishing team or Shimano.


Custom Fishing Shirts

If you are not a fan of the available design options for fishing shirts, you will be happy to know you will have the option to customize one for yourself. The custom brands will let you choose the type of material you want, customize the texture of the shirt, and add pockets and collars.

Furthermore, with these custom fishing shirts, you will have the freedom to customize the logo, the graphics, and the colour of the shirt. Basically, the shirt will come just like how you want it.

And usually, with custom shirts, you get the highest level of comfort as they will have a custom fit.


Fishing Shirt Accessories

There are some accessories available in the market, which will go well with your fishing shirt. Let us give you a fair idea regarding each.



Fishing hats.

If you take a look at the professional teams, you will notice that they wear matching fishing hats. You could even do the same with your fishing mates. It will make you look lie professional guide or team.



Whether for getting a proper grip of the fishing rod or the fish you capture, gloves can surely come in handy. Some will have a unique texture that will provide more grip. And like hats, is can protect you from the wind and sun.

If you have spent the day in the boat holding the rod, you know how easy it is for the back of your hands to get burnt, so fishing gloves offer a bit of extra protection.



Fishing buff

Recently, fishing buffs have started to pick up a lot of popularity. At its core, these are basically facial protection. The fabric will be breathable and lightweight, which will make them easy to wear. And they will mostly offer protection from sunburn and the heat.

Tip – soak it in some cold water to get a cooling effect when you wear it.


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What material are fishing shirts made of?

Usually, the go-to fabric for the brands will be high-tech polyester. Unlike cotton, this material absorbs little to no water.


  1. What is the point of a fishing shirt?

Fishing shirts offer loads of benefits over regular shirts. For example, these shirts will be more comfortable, provide more protection, and come in many colours.

They look good on the water, on the bank, or even at the pub!

  1. Are fishing shirts cooler?

If you are talking about the cool factor, the summer designed shirts are cooler! They will come in loads of different colours and patterns that can certainly make you stand out.

Likewise, if you are talking about staying cool, that will also be applicable to the fishing shirts. Most will be breathable and boast quick-drying material that will keep you cool.



The benefits, colours, patterns and designs of fishing shirts are endless for Australian waters.

You might be fly fishing a small stream in Tasmania chasing trout, so you want a dull colour shirt for some camouflage. Perhaps you are fishing in the bay chasing flathead on a hot day in the boat, so a long sleeve can keep the sun off.

No matter what you are angling for, or where in Australia, fishing shirts are worth looking into.