Franklin Caravans

  • Author: Ted Jones
  • Date: March 16, 2022

Franklin Caravans.
Holiday and adventure travel in Australia are synonymous with caravans and camping for a long time. And Franklin Caravans has been one of the leaders in caravan manufacturing since the 1950s in Australia.

Chances are, if you are traveling on holiday you would have seen a few at the caravan park or travelling along the highways. Who knows, you may have even been in a Franklin Caravan!


Introduction to the Franklin Caravans models.

Frankling Caravan ltdg2 model.

Franklin offers many models with each model designed and built in Australia to high and reliability standards. Franklin Caravans have dealers all over Australia with a variety of models.

We have listed some prices as well to give you a ball park figure, but please be aware that the prices may differ from state to state or dealers. Also depending on year of the models, extras and availability.

Franklin Caravan Core model.


1. G4 Caravan – $71,000.

The G4 is a limited-release caravan for 2021 and produced every five years. The
G4 is an innovative model with a culmination of previous years’ best features.

The G4 is a 6.48m van packed with all the safety and comfort features a
caravanner could desire. The overall length of 8510mm, width at 2450mm and
2980mm height. Tare weight is 2480kg, ATM of 3080kg, and ball weight of 140kg.

Constructed with 6″ Preston Supugal chassis, 15″ alloy wheels, and multiple
towing safety features, the G4 is a pleasure to tow.

A stylish interior loaded with all the desirable amenities. Efficient air-
conditioning, modern refrigerator/freezer, gas/electric oven with cooktop and
a stand-up shower! Relax after a full day of adventure with LED TV, powerful
sound system, comfortable 6’5×5′ bed, and mood lighting.

Feel like spending more time outside, turn on the outside radio and flip down
the picnic table. Power is not an issue due to a 160Watt Solar System with

The G4 is the ultimate Limited Edition and a caravanner’s home away from


2. Franklin X-Factor 2.0 – $75,000-$95,000 (depending on model variant).

The Franklin X-Factor 2.0 is the pinnacle of Franklin Manufacturing family of
Caravans. The X-Factor 2.0 includes five different models, each designed for a
specific family lifestyle.

The X-Factor caravan models are:

A. X Factor 176 – $75,680.

The 176 is the smallest of the XFactor caravans at 17’6″ with a single
axel. The spacious interior features leather upholstery, a full kitchen and
a luxurious suite with multiple layouts.

The 176 has an overall length of 7690mm and a width of 2450mm. The Tare
weight is 2360kg and an ATM of 2710kg with Tow Ball weight of 210kg.


B. X Factor 206 – $81,680.

The 206 has a length of 20’6″, dual axles, and a perfect choice for an
extended holiday. A club lounge and extra bed space provide ample room for
an enjoyable trip.

The 206 has an overall length of 8590mm, a width of 2450mm, Tare weight of
2720kg and ATM of 3320 with Tow Ball weight of 170kg.


C. X Factor 210 – $87,680.

The 210 has a length of 21’6″ with twin axles and a unique layout.
Dual entry doors, a large cub room, and centralized bathroom facilities
provide luxurious living for extended holidays.

The 210 has an overall length of 8800mm and 2450mm width. Carrying a Tare
weight of 2900kg and ATM of 3350kg with a Tow Bal weight of 290kg.


D. X Factor 216 – $86,680.

The 216 has a body length of 22′ with dual axles along with an independent
suspension rated at 3.7 tonnes. Available in either side club cafe or L-
shape lounges with maximum storage utilizing modern CNC Cabinetry.
Technology. Other higher-end features are 2 solar panels and 2 batteries
leaving nothing to chance for your adventures.

The 216 has an overall length of 8950mm and a body width of 2450mm. The
Tare weight is 3020kg, ATM weight of 3460kg, and a Tow Ball weight of


E. X Factor 230 – $95,180.

The 230 is the largest XFactor dual axle caravan with a body length of 23′
and a host of standard features. External TV, marine speakers, leather
upholstery, huge ensuite, a full kitchen, laundry facilities, and plentiful
layouts to select.

The 230 has an overall length of 9390mm and a body width of 2450mm. The
Tare weight is an impressive 3030kg, an ATM weight of 3410kg, and a Tow
Ball weight of 210kg.


3. Franklin Club Caravans.

A. Club CX22 – $76,680.

The CX22 is a 22′, dual axle caravan with design and construction based
upon years of customer feedback. An efficient design featuring a huge rear
club layout and central bathroom facilities.
Storage is provided through the utilization of CNC Cabinetry Technology.

The CX22 has a body length of 6870mm and a width of 2450mm. The Tare weight
is 2600kg, ATM weight of 3100kg, and Ball Tow weight at 230kg.


B. Club CX21 – $80,680.

The CX21 caravan length is 21’6″ traveling on dual axles. This caravan
layout has a large club area in front, rear bathroom facilities, and CNC
Cabinetry Technology.

The CX21 is 6610mm long, 2450mm wide, a Tare weight of 2610kg, 3110kg ATM
weight and a 222kg Tow Ball.


C. Razor Range – $62,680 – $70,680.

The Razor Range of caravans features multiple layouts. The Razor
caravans run from 17’5″ (Razor 175) to 22′ (Razor 220), each
with different layout options, even bunk beds! All of the
caravans (except for Razor 175, which is a single axle) are well built
with twin axles.

Razor Range Models – Razor 175 (17’5″), Razor 196 (19″6″), Razor 200
(20′), Razor 206 (20’6″), Razor 216 (21’6″) and Razor 220 (22′) – “For
Family van, a cut above”(2).


D. Core Range – $60,180 – $66,180.

Franklin Caravan Core model brand.c

The Core Range has an affordable price point with all the
Franklin quality. With a variety of layouts there has to be one for you.

Core Range Models – Core 175 (17’6″, single axle), Core 176 (17’9″, single
axle), Core 196 (19″6″, twin axle), Core 200 (20′, twin axle), Core 206
(20’6″, twin axle), Core 216 (21’6″, twin axle), and Core 220 (22′, twin



Franklin Caravan’s wide range and manufacturing in Australia makes the Franklin brand worth looking at. While perhaps not as well know as Jayco Caravans, the Franklin range is worth checking out, at your local RV and caravan dealer.

Legendary construction make sure your adventures are of a lifetime!
“Melbourne manufacturer takes iconic Franklin caravan brand to the next level with new 24,000sqm production facility”.(3)

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