Jayco Caravans

  • Author: Ted Jones
  • Date: November 20, 2022

Jayco Caravans.
Jayco Caravans has become one of the top and most popular recreational vehicle manufacturers and suppliers in Australia.

Founded in 1975, Jayco started as a small garage within the Australian area to build trailers for camping. The company has grown tremendously, and today, they have producing approximately 250 thousand recreational vehicles with well-designed features that suit its clients’ demands over the years.

The company’s innovative nature is seen in the effectiveness of the recreational vehicles they offer, giving you an excellent choice of variety and models.

Production of some of the best quality recreational vehicles has given Jayco a remarkable reputation over the years, beating its competitors to become the most popular recreational vehicle and caravan manufacturer in Australia and beyond.

Jayco Australia even has caravan insurance.


Jayco Australia brand.


Range of Caravans by Jayco

1. Jay-Pod

The Jay-pod is a well-designed lightweight trailer that is suitable for either a couple or a single person. You can easily tow it behind your 4WD or even a standard vehicle, enabling the current-generation car owners to enjoy moving around in a Jay-Pod.


2. Camper Trailers

Aussies embrace camping as part of their recreational activities and the majority of people love exploring and camping as part of their hobbies.

Jayco offers a variety of camper trailers suitable for everyone’s demands. The camper trailers are ideal for groups, families, couples, and even individuals who love camping. They are fitted with all the comforts required in a typical camping trip, including comfortable beds, kitchen, dining, storage area, and the kitchen sink.


3. Pop Top Range

Jayco recently introduced the latest design of a Pop Top Range that includes the ones suitable for every adventure.

To ensure that you get value for your money, Jayco has formed a perfect roof, a well-structured camper space for easy towing. This caravan is ideal for adventure lovers who want to be flexible with the freedom to tour and explore Australia’s great outdoors.


4. Hybrids

Jayco hybrids category are unique caravans build purposely for off-road movements. There are a variety of hybrids to choose from depending on your preferred adventure or trip.

Whether you are a couple or just a single individual who wants to have a fantastic experience venturing around, you’ll always find the best Jayco hybrid to pick. These recreational vehicles, also known as CrossTrack, comes with all the off-road requirements giving you a great and comfortable experience. The hybrid caravan comes with kitchen equipment, including a built-in gas cooker, storage space and are very versatile.



The Jayco caravan category has various popular models in Australia. They are well built as per the requirements putting into consideration the importance of design and practical use. They are also planned innovatively with high technology and comfortable features suitable for the latest generation individuals.

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1. Toy Haulers

These are flexible recreational vehicles suitable for fun lovers who want to carry the toys and rides for the best outdoor experience. Ideal for motorbikes and gear.

There are over three models under toy haulers to choose from, including Crosshaul, Basestation, and Work n Play caravans. You haulers are made for adventure, and they also come with a well-established kitchen and more luxurious space for nature lovers.


2. Camper Vans

These are readily available Vans suitable for Australian weather conditions, roads, and individual demands. They are perfect for groups, families, couples with enough space for storage and comfortable rides for recreational purposes.


3. Motorhomes

Jayco Motorhomes are just home away from home recreational vehicles. Fitted with a premium and comfortable household, you’ll enjoy your outdoor experience during your road trip, tour or holiday. You don’t need to pack a lot of stuff during your adventure; this is a home away from the home package.

Jayco Australia brand

Jayco Caravan Models

1. Jayco StarCraft Caravan

StarCraft is among the most popular caravans produced by Jayco. It’s well designed with two-door plans that can accommodate either three or two people with well-established walls to give you comfort, worth and cold depending on the season. You’ll get a stylish design, both interior and exterior.


2. Journey Caravan

If you are a journey lover, one of the perfect caravan to get is the Jayco journey Caravan. This luxurious recreational caravan is built with multi-layered solid walls with all the luxury you may want.

These include an internet connection, GPS with a well-established Alexa personal assistant that responds to your voice commands. What’s more, there is a complete air conditioning system, a well-designed kitchen with a burner and grill, enough storage space, and a double door fridge. You also have access to beds with comfortable top mattresses.


3. Silverline Caravan

The Silverline caravan is a design of its own.

It is beautiful both outside and inside, enabling you to enjoy both comfort and luxury to the fullest. Think of a modern home away from home experience with well-designed fittings that suits every client’s needs. It’s perfect for the current generation with high standards and innovation that everyone wants to enjoy.

The Silverline caravan also has Alexa technology, smartphone apps, fitted cameras, and free Wi-Fi installed for an incredible experience while on the road.


4. Expanda Caravan

If you love comfort, space then Jayco Expanda is the best caravan for you.

It is a particular category designed with space in mind to accommodate the maximum number of people comfortably. Expanda can carry up to nine people comfortably, making it perfect for young families or small groups. If you want to purchase your first family caravan or upgrade from the camper caravan, this is the best recreational vehicle for you. It comes with a pair of double beds or triples, depending on the type you choose. You can also create an optional bed simply by converting the clan lounge into one.

Interestingly, this is as good as a comfortable home with a full unsuited bathroom and a separate toilet, a well-equipped kitchen, an air conditioning system, and a resting space enough for a bench. What more do you need? Enjoy this superb recreational vehicle from Jayco Caravans, Australia.


5. Terrain caravan

Are you an off-road lover? You don’t have to worry; Jayco has got your demands covered. Terrain caravan is specifically designed for off-road adventures. And, it comes with extra comfort and pleasure to ensure that you enjoy your off-road trip to the fullest.

The Terrain caravan comes with off-road features like a well-designed hard body system, oversized wheels to hit off-road trips without difficulty. What’s more, it comes with a comfortable and elegant interior with a well-designed kitchen and comfortable space that’s home away from home feeling.

Author – Ted Jones