List of Caravan Insurance Companies

  • Author: Ted Jones
  • Date: March 16, 2022

List of caravan insurance companies in Australia

Welcome to this list of for caravan insurance providers in Australia. A caravan can be a big investment, so having the proper cover is vital.

Here you will find a list of the well-known caravan insurers like GIO, RACV, YOUI and NRMA Caravan insurance as well as some lesser known providers. This list also provides contact numbers for the insurer.

When looking for a quote, check out our article on what questions to ask and what information you need to know, visit Caravan Insurance Australia Guide.

Here is the list of caravan insurance companies in Australia, in alphabetical order:


AAMI Caravan Insurance.

AAMI policy cover’s theft and fire, and damage to other people’s vehicle or property and accidental damage. AAMI can be reached for a quote on 13 22 44.


Allianz SureCover Caravan & Trailer Insurance.

Towing, emergency repairs and temporary accommodation can be included in the policy. Call Allianz on 13 1000.

What caravans are made in Australia?a

Apia Caravan Insurance.

Apia has choice of repairer and optional cover for the annex. For more information phone 13 50 50.


Aussie Caravan Insurance.

Aussie has caravan and trailer insurance and can be reached on 1300 491 283.


Australian Caravan Insurance.

Comprehensive insurance provided from Let’s Go Caravan Insurance and Jayco Caravan Insurance. Australian Caravan Insurance can be contacted on 1300 748 767.


Bendigo Bank Caravan Insurance.

Covering you for loss and damage, Bendigo Bank provides comprehensive caravan insurance. Enquire on 1300 557 155 for a quote. 



Bupa provides trailer, boat and caravan insurance and includes new-for-old caravan replacement value. Phone 1300 199 852 for a quote.


CCI Caravan Insurance.

Catholic Insurance provides cover with content and accidental loss or damage. See the PDS (Product Disclosure Statement) from CCI. They can be contacted on 1300 655 003.


CGU Insurance.

Liability cover and new for old, CGU caravan insurance can be contacted online or call 13 24 81.


CIL Caravan Insurance.

Part of the Suncorp network, CIL insurance can cover theft and fire in the policy. For more information ring, 1800 122 481.


Club 4×4 Caravan Insurance.

Club 4×4 offers comprehensive caravan and trailer insurance. Give them a bell on 1800 258 249.


Compare Insurance.

While not a provider of insurance, Compare Insurance reviews and score the insurer based on claims, value and feedback. Call 1300 790 197.


COTA Caravan Insurance.

COTA provides theft, collision and fire and the underwriter is Allianz Australia. Ring 1300 1300 50 for more information.


GIO Caravan Insurance.

GIO Caravan Insurance has comprehensive cover for fire, theft and accidental cover. For a quote phone 13 10 10.


HBF Caravan Insurance.  

Loss, damage and flexible content insurance, HBF can be contacted on 1300 736 430.


Jayco Caravan Insurance.

Jayco Australia provide motorhome, camper trailer, pop top and caravan insurance. (They don’t provide cover for fifth wheelers or slide-on campers.) Phone: 1300 376 959 for more information.

Click on Jayco Caravans for more details about the brand.


Jayco Caravans


Ken Tame Caravan Insurance.

Providing insurance for caravans, campers, motorhomes and fifth wheelers. You can contact the team on 1800 582 582.


Let’s Go Caravan Insurance.

Let’s Go Caravan Insurance can be reached on 1300 153 638 with a standard cover and a prestige cover. They have policies for camper trailer, pop tops and caravans.


NAB Caravan & Trailer Insurance.

Accident, theft, fire and emergency repairs are covered with NAB Caravan Insurance. Call 13 29 28 or visit online for a quote.


National Seniors Caravan Insurance.

Emergency repairs and accommodation can be provided in the policy. Contact 1300 50 50 99 for more information.


NRMA Caravan Insurance.

NRMA provides on-site, touring caravan Insurance and 24 / 7 helpline. They can be contacted on 132 132.


QBE Caravan Insurance.

Emergency accommodation and transport costs are some coverage by QBE Caravan Insurance. Phone them on 133 723.


RAA Caravan Insurance.

The Royal Automobile Association of South Australia or RAA’s can cover you for comprehensive caravan insurance and multi policy discounts. For a quote phone 8202 4567.


RAC Caravan Insurance.

The Royal Automobile Club of Western Australia provides caravan insurance with a no claim bonus. RAC members can get discounts, like at BCF. Ring 13 17 03.


RACQ Caravan Insurance.

RACQ stands for the Royal Automobile Club. The caravan policy cover’s theft, fire and damage and accidental damage. The RACQ can be reached for a quote on 131 905.


RACT Caravan Insurance.

13 27 22 is the number you can reach RACT. The Royal Automobile Club of Tasmania provides camper trailers, slide on campers and caravan insurance. Solar panels and fixtures can be covered for the traveller.



The Royal Automobile Club of Victoria provides collision, fire and flood caravan insurance. Phone: 13 72 28.


SGIC Caravan Insurance.

Touring, on site and trailer insurance are available by SGIC. Get an online quote or in call 133 233 for South Australia residents.



SGIO Caravan Insurance is available in Western Australia. They provide a 24 / 7 claim support and on site and touring caravan cover. Ring: 133 233.


Shannons Caravan Insurance.

You have to love the old Shannons Insurance TV ads for their classic cars and humour. Shannons provides collectable comprehensive caravan insurance and can be contacted on: 13 46 46.



Suncorp caravan insurance provides accidental loss or damage and emergency repairs. Phone: 13 11 55.


Vero Caravan Insurance.

Vero has recreational caravan insurance and also covers motorhomes, fifth wheelers, slide-ons and camper trailers. A broker can be found in most states.



Westpac offers caravan insurance and trailer cover. Contact them on 1800 502 077 for more details.



WFI provides caravan insurance and can be reached on 1300 934 934.


YOUI Caravan Insurance.

YOUI caravan insurance covers fire, third party and theft. YOUI also has new for old policy and can be reached online for a quote, or ring them on: 1300 220 409.


Question to aske for choosing a caravan.


FAQ. What provider doesn’t supply caravan insurance?

Here is a list of known insurers but don’t currently provide direct caravan insurance. It is worth checking back soon though as more and more insures are covering caravans, motorhomes and boats catering for the growing outdoors arena.



Aldi doesn’t have caravan insurance.


Budget Direct Caravan Insurance.

At the time of writing, Budget Direct doesn’t provide caravan insurance.



Canstar compares a selection of insurance providers in the market. They don’t provide insurance.



Coles doesn’t have caravan insurance at the moment.


Finder Caravan Insurance.

Finder doesn’t actually provide insurance, but compares the well-known and lesser known providers.


Iselect Insurance.

No caravan insurance is provided by Iselect, but they have travel insurance.



Woolworths doesn’t supply direct caravan insurance, but may have additional benefits with their other insurance policies.



I hope you found this list handy and helpful of Australian insurance companies.

We have to admit we were a bit surprised when we comprised the list, that there were so many Aussie insurers out there. Which is great to see. Drop us an email if there is a provider we haven’t included in our list, as we may have missed them.

Ask plenty of questions on caravan and camping forums and your friends to find some helpful and good value providers. Remember to shop around for the best insurance company.



This list is for general informational purposes only. It does not endorse any insurance provider or insurer or provide any financial advice. Please do your homework and read the policy and ask question from the company if you are not sure about the fine print.