OSP Bent Minnow Lure Alternatives?

  • Author: Ted Jones
  • Date: December 1, 2022

OSP Bent Minnow Alternatives

The OSP Bent Minnow is a fantastic lure for freshwater and saltwater fishing in Australia.

It can be used to catch lots of species like trout, bream, bass, tailor, flathead and even barramundi. But, the lure is very pricey, with it retailing around for $30 to $39, depending on what fishing tackle shop you buy it from in Oz and size.

So in this article we are going to list some alternative surface/sub surface lures that are similar design to the famous bent minnow.

We also list the size of the other designs and lengths of the original.

How to fish and rig the top water bent minnow is also covered in the article.


OSP Bent Minnow Alternate Options

OSP Bent Minnow Lure Alternatives. Nice rainbow trout on bent minnow lure

On the fishing forums, some anglers mention that some cheaper version brands sink, or the lure doesn’t have the same unique wounded baitfish erratic action.

Disclaimer: Not all the brands listed are going to be the same quality, action or components like the original OSP Bent Minnow. Some of the options may have budget components, like cheap treble hooks which may bend easy.

Here are some brand options and sizes compared:


Brand Model Length Weight
OSP Lures OSP Bent Minnow 76 76 mm (3 inches) 4.3 grams (5/32oz.)
OSP Lures OSP Bent Minnow 86 86 mm (3 – 2/5 inches) 5.9 grams (1/5oz.)
OSP Lures OSP Bent Minnow 106 106 mm 10 grams
OSP Lures OSP Bent Minnow 130 130 mm 20 grams
Hurricane Lures Switch 66 Bent Minnow 66 mm 3.2 grams
Berkley Pro-Tech Bender 76 76 mm 4.4 grams
Berkley Pro-Tech Bender 100 100 mm 8.5 grams
AusTackle Banana Boat 68 68 mm 3.5 grams
AusTackle Banana Boat 87 87 mm 6.5 grams
Vex Lures Deadn’ 80 “Broken” Bent 80 mm 4.8 grams
Seven And Six Fishing 80 mm Flatz Baits 80 mm u/k
Seven And Six Fishing 100 mm Flatz Baits 100 mm u/k
FISHALL FISHALL Bent Minnow 86 Surface Lure 86 mm 7 grams
FISHALL FISHALL Bent Minnow 106mm Surface Lure 100 mm 10.3 grams
Toppu Mizzi ‘Sidewinder’ Bent Minnow 95 mm 6 grams
Gobblers Lures Bent Minnow 120 120 mm 18 grams


Where To Buy Bent Minnow Alternatives From?

While you can get the OSP bent minnow on sale, cheap from eBay and fishing tackle stores now and then, they can still be pricey compared to other brands. So here are some of the stores where you can buy the variations and original from:


Hurricane Lures Switch 66 Bent Minnow

The Hurricane Switch 66 Bent Minnow can be purchased from these tackle stores:

  • Hurricane Lures
  • eBay
  • Aussie Angler
  • Bemm River Bait & Tackle
  • Caravan Super Centre
  • Mitchells Fishing & Outdoors
  • Tackle Addiction


The original OSP Bent minnow brand, can be brought from selected tackle stores like:

  • BCF
  • MO Tackle
  • Otto’s Tackle World
  • Anglers Warehouse
  • Paul Worstling’s Tackle World
  • Compleat Angler Nedlands


The Berkley Pro-Tech Bender is available from these stores and your local tackle shop:

Berkley Pro Tech Bender minnow lure from Anaconda


Vex Lures

  • Otto’s Tackle World
  • Fishin
  • Tackle Addiction
  • Fergos Tackle World
  • Fishinbits
  • MO Tackle


Seven and Six Fishing 80 mm Flatz Baits

  • Seven And Six Fishing
  • Tackle Addiction
  • Rockstar Tackle


FISHALL Bent Minnow 86 Surface Lure

  • Tackle Addiction
  • eBay


AusTackle Banana Boat 68

AusTackle Banana Boat 68

  • AusTackle
  • Fishing Superstore
  • Mo Tackle


Toppu Mizzu Sidewinder Bent Minnow

  • Blue Seas Tackle Co
  • SpinesTackle


Gobblers Lures Bent Minnow

  • Gobblers Lures


Of course you can get the cheap no-name brands from eBay and Amazon, as well as overseas. But some of the brand name lures should be similar quality or at least reasonable fishable and close to the original OSP Bent Minnow brand.


Bent Lure FAQ

How To Fish The Bent Minnow

How to fish bent minnow lure

Above photo: Rainbow trout caught on bent minnow lure, early morning fishing.

There are a few ways to fish the lure depending on species and weather conditions. But here are 4 proven ways to fish it.

The bent minnow can be cast out and let it sit for around 5 to 10 seconds, then twitched, two or three times while winding. Then let is pause for a few seconds (3-5 seconds) before twitching it and winding it in again.

(For calm waters, you might let it sit for 10 seconds or more, or until the ripples disperse for the first cast.)

Fish the lure around shallow flats, weedy bed areas, timber structure, mussel beds, pylons and drop offs, etc.

You can use an aggressive fast twitch and short pause, or a slow twitch and long pause, depending on conditions and fish species.

I have used the Berkley Pro Tech and is has been great with chasing trout in shallow weedy areas on dusk, dawn and night time fishing. I also use it on overcast days with some ripple or waves.

For calmer waters I fish it slower, for rougher waters, I rip it across (fast twitch the rod to the side three times and wind at the same time) and pause to get a lot of action and movement.

You can also fish it with a slow roll (slow wind) with plenty of pauses in between winds.

Another way to fish the bended minnow is a medium / slow wind with plenty of twitches of the rod tip as you are winding.

Whilst winding, twitching and pausing, keep your rod tip up on the retrieve and the lure will skip on the surface.


How To Rig The Bent Minnow

A long length of fluorocarbon leader, around one rod length might be used, depending on what fish species you are targeting.

If you are chasing finicky fish like bream, one or two rod lengths of fluorocarbon leader combined with braid line.

Be careful with heavy snaps, snap swivels and heavy line as the extra weight can make the top water lure sink.

If you do want it to sink slowly, you can use fly tiers lead around the shanks of the treble hooks, or even on the lure. Or use snaps and heavy fluorocarbon leaders to help it sink slowly. Using heavy duty hooks and split rings will may also slowly sink the lure or suspend it.

Some anglers rig the lure, by replacing the factory treble hooks with stinger hooks or assist hooks.

If I am using a quick snap / clip like the Mustard Ultrapoint Fastach clip, I remove the split ring on the lure and attach it directly to the tow nose point of the lure. (The snap replaces the weight of the split ring.)

For more information on the Mustad Ultrapoint snap, click on – How To Use Mustad Fastach Clips?

Can You Buy The Bent Minnow At Kmart?

Unfortunately you can’t buy a cheap bent minnow version at Kmart for the budget angler.

Can You Buy The Bent Minnow At Walmart?

For our American angler friends, Walmart sells a bent minnow lure variety.



Bent minnow lures

The Bent Minnow is a great top water lure that can catch a wide range of Aussie fish species. Some anglers might even say, it is one of the best lures on the market.

But the original OSP is expensive, so there are some alternate versions around.  Some of the cheap versions may not have the same lure action or float the same. But other brands can be a great option to the original and better on the wallet.

Author – Ted Jones