Torches for Camping

  • Author: Ted Jones
  • Date: March 16, 2022

Torches for camping.

Are you planning for your next camping or fishing trip, or any outdoor adventure? If yes, then a torch is a great tool to have, not only for convenience in the dark, but also safety.

Torches for camping are a must-have item. So, below we have a list of the best brands of torches for the outdoors that are reliable.

In this article we also cover different types of flashlights and designs. Also some benefits and drawbacks of the styles.

You’ll likely spend much of your time in the dark, and as we all know, most campsites or fishing spots are unlit. They are completely different from the well-lit city streets.

Even if you want to watch the stars on a clear night, a torch will be pretty helpful in different ways, like heading for a bathroom break. Or you want to check out what makes the irritating rustling sound outside your tent. Unless you are in a caravan, you may depend on a torch for the tent’s illumination. Especially if you are out in the bush and not at a caravan park with a powered site and lights.

Olight toches for camping in Australia


What type of flashlight for camping?

When selecting a suitable torch for camping or any other outdoor activity, there are several critical factors to consider. Is it waterproof to allow you to use it in all kinds of weather while outdoor?

How lightweight or bulky is the torch? This will incredibly influence portability, and we advise you to go for a lightweight flashlight.

Do you need something that will give you various lighting modes to suit different needs or situations? What about the power source? Can batteries work well? Or you want a rechargeable torch. If you get answers to all these questions, you can be sure to get the most from your camping, fishing, or outdoor activity.


What are some different types of torches?

Best torches for camping.

Typically, there are tons of different types of flashlights for camping. This is especially if you are going to wilder areas where you may get caught up with pitch-black darkness. To avoid any inconvenience and have a great camping experience, you’ll need to choose a suitable lighting system. The following are some of the types and designs of flashlights you may consider buying.


  1. Rechargeable flashlight.

A rechargeable flashlight is one of the commonly used and preferred torches for camping, thanks to its convenience. As the name suggests, these torches come with inbuilt lithium batteries that can get recharged if they run low. Instead of disposing of the batteries, you can still reuse them for an undefined number of times.

You will find these flashlights come with a USB charging system. This means that you can recharge their batteries using a USB cable connected to a power bank, the way you recharge your smartphone. Just plug your torch into a USB port and let it charge with ease. The good thing with these torches is that you’ll still be able to continue with your camping, fishing, or doing outdoor activities.

Moreover, they are excellent flashlights with the best battery capacity that delivers bright lights as you desire. Although rechargeable flashlights have a bit higher upfront cost, they are incredibly cost-effective in the long run. And unlike torches with disposable batteries, expect no wastage of batteries and money as there’s no need to buy new batteries every time their juice drains out.


  1. Tactical torches.

A tactical flashlight is often designed for use by law enforcement and military personal. Primarily, these torches boast the greatest light output and a beam light distance of about 1181-feet. Therefore, these flashlights are ideal for use in plenty of situations. Other than that, they are crafted from robust and rugged aluminium materials. Because of the durability, you can expect these torches for camping to last for a long time to withstand bad weather and impacts for good use in the Aussie bush.

You will find some with small sizes that can fit perfectly on a utility belt. Others are quite bulky and act as a tool or even used to break a window. Regardless of the size you choose, tactical torches are ideal for camping and outdoors as a quality one, will give you peace of mind while walking out in the dark.


  1. Headlamps.

Headlamps are a perfect choice for camping and fishing.

You can work hands free, tying a hook on, lighting up your campsite, searching for some camping gear in the back of the 4WD, or keeping the walking trail visible.

Headlamps come with different light outputs to suit different lighting needs. For instance, you will find some with a light output of 100 lumens which is adequate for performing most activities. Those with a light output of 350 lumens can add some extra pop to your trail.

A suitable headlamp must have various lighting modes to cater to different needs for use. Also, these flashlights often have a lower power setting which helps save the battery. The red light setting on this flashlight retains and enhances your vision at night and prevents blinding your eyes and other people’s. With the strobe setting, you can signal for help in case you need an emergency rescue when camping.


  1. Key ring torches.

These flashlights are incredibly lightweight and of the best sizes for backpacking as they are portable. You will find them very useful for occasional use as they have limited battery life. The good thing is that they provide excellent light output to fit your lighting needs for your camping for small tasks. As the name suggests, these torches come with a small key ring or strap that you can attach to your key ring. So, forget about losing this lighting system any time soon.

The Olight i3E EOS flashlight is one of the best flashlights you can buy for its size, lumens and price. (Affiliate link from Olight Australia.)

For more information read Olight i3E EOS Torch Review.



  1. LED torches.

The Light Emitting Diode (LED) is a special kind of flashlight that produces light when electric current flows through it. Interestingly, these lighting bulbs use little power to emit plenty of light compared to the old-style incandescent bulbs. More importantly, they don’t give off a lot of heat energy. This, in turn, reduces the energy used incurred on heating or lighting your campsite.


  1. Lanterns

Lanterns are well-known to have a broader flood (the width of light illumination) than any other kind of light. As a result, they are suitable for lighting a wider area at a campsite or fishing spot.

Primarily, you can hang a lantern up at the camping spot with ultimate ease. If you wish to get an extra heat source to stay warm during chilly nights, a lantern with combustible fuel can be the best option. Just be safe about it.


What are the benefits of having a torch when camping?

Whether you are a camping, fishing, backpacking or you like trying different outdoor activities at nights, a torch comes in handy. Some of the benefits of having a flashlight include:
• Torches offer an exceptional source of light for illumination.
• Most of them have solid construction and can last for a significant amount of time.
• They can serve as a rescue tool when an emergency occurs.
• Some even provide a secondary heating source that can help keep you warm on cold evenings and nights.
• They can save you money on batteries if they are quality brand, or use a chargeable design.


Best torch brands in Australia for camping.

  • Led Lenser – The best overall well known torch brand.
    • Olight – For best brightness flashlights and for value. Click on for a list of the Best Olight Torches in Australia.
    • Petzl Headlamps.
    • HI-GEAR.
    • Eurohike.
    • OEX.