Lake Wendouree Fishing Photos

  • Author: Craig "Howie"
  • Date: March 9, 2023
  • Time to read: 1 min.

Lake Wendouree Fishing Photos

Welcome to Lake Wendouree Fishing photos. As well as images of brown trout, rainbow trout and redfin catches, we also have some scenic photos in the mix.

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Brown trout fishing Lake Wendouree

Above Photo: 50 cm brown trout caught on a Mepps Aglia inline spinner with gold blade and red dots.

Below: Nice little rainbow trout caught on a size 3, Mepps Aglia inline spinner with silver blade and black dots.

Lure fishing at Lake Wendouree


Fishing Lake Wendouree. Brown trout caught on spinner.

Above Image: Another nice brown trout caught fishing at Lake Wendouree. Caught on a inline spinner.


Big redfin caught at Lake Wendouree

Above photo: Large redfin at Lake Wendouree caught on lure.

Fishing Lake Wendouree, rainbow trout caught.

Above: 37cm rainbow trout caught fishing at Lake Wendouree with an inline spinner.

Below image: Nice brown trout caught on suspended minnow.

Fishing Lake Wendouree fishing photos. Brown trout.
redfin on lure Above: Redfin on lure.


Kayak fishing. tench caught with soft plastic.

Above image: Tench caught on Daiwa Bait Junkie 2.5″ paddle tail soft plastic, camo UV, while kayak fishing.

Below photo: Rainbow trout caught at Lake Wendouree.

rainbow trout caught fishing at Lake Wendouree


Below photograph: Beautiful sunset at Lake Wendouree.

Lake Wendouree sunset
Mudeye casing from hatch at Lake Wendouree

Above: Mudeye casing where the dragonfly has emerged and flown away. The mudeye (dragonfly nymph) is maybe the best bait for trout fishing.