How To Use Mustad Fastach Clips?

  • Author: Craig "Howie"
  • Date: March 9, 2023

Mustad Fastach clips

The Mustad Ultrapoint Fastach Clips makes it very easy to change lures quickly. As well it saves time, the snap is simple to use, meaning more fishing time and less hassle.

In this article we will cover how to use the Fastach clip, FAQs, tips, as well as look at the positives and negatives of the clip.


How Do The Mustad Fastach Clips Work?

1. Tie the fishing line leader to the clip eye.

2. You simply twist the Fastach Snap onto the lure’s tow point, or split ring on the front of the lure. – Simples!

How To Use The Mustad Fastach Clips. y twisting it on.

3. To un-hook the lure, just simply reverse the process, by untwisting the clip off.


Fishing Tip – I normally take the split ring off the lure. This compensates for the extra weight of the snap. Which might be important if you are fishing suspended minnows, slow sinking / floating lures and you want a set buoyancy or suspension like fishing bent minnows.

By taking the split ring off, it is also easier to quickly connect the Fastach clip on to the tow point. For some of the smaller lures, the split ring can twist around while trying to put the snap on and be hard to put on.

(However, there are some lures you should leave the split ring on. Such as if the tow point is close, or on the lure’s bib (lip / bill) and there isn’t much room for the Fastach snap to rotate freely.)


Mustad Ultrapoint Fastach Clip

The Mustad Fastach clips will work with all different types of lure design and brands. Like: Spoons, jerkbaits, crankbaits, Tassie Devil lures, inline spinners, soft plastics, metal blade vibe lures, chatterbaits, spinnerbaits, soft vibe lures etc.



What Clip Sizes Are There?

Mustad Fastach Clip Size

The snap ranges from size 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

The smallest size is 0, to a bigger size 5 clip.


How Strong Is The Mustad Ultrapoint Fastach Snap?

The different size clips are rated with a breaking strain:

  • Size: 0. Capacity: 15lb / 6.8kg
  • Size: 1. Capacity: 25lb / 11.3kg
  • Size: 2. Capacity: 50lb / 22.7kg
  • Size: 3. Capacity: 75lb / 34kg
  • Size: 4. Capacity: 100lb / 45.4kg
  • Size: 5. Capacity: 150lb / 68kg


How To Connect Fastach Clips To Leaders?

Fishing Bullet Lure and Fastach Snap connected.

Just use a normal fishing knot, like an improved clinch knot, or uni knot for a monofilament leader.

To connect Fastach clips to a fluorocarbon leader, just use the same knots as you would for mono.

If you attached braid to it, use a uni knot, or a knot that can be used with braid and won’t slip.


How Many Clips Per Pack?

Size: 0: 12 per pack

Size: 1: 12 per pack

Size: 2: 12 per pack

Size: 3: 12 per pack

Size: 4: 10 per pack

Size: 5: 8 per pack


What Are The Negatives Of The Clip?

One disadvantage of the snap is the slight extra weight on the lure.

Another con, is it could be another part that could potentially fail. (Although I haven’t heard of one failing. And the line would break before the clip failed if you used the correct poundage line for the size of the clip.)

For spooky, intelligent fish it could be another unnatural thing on the lure. (In fairness though, you have treble hooks sticking out and one, two or three split rings attaching the hooks depending on the size of the lure. And maybe a bib sticking out of the lure. So it is probably a debatable point.)

Some might say it impedes the action of the lure, but I haven’t found that to be the case. Check to see if it hinders your favorite lures.

Occasionally the hook, (depending on the hook and split ring attachment size), can get hooked up into the clip when casting on windy days.


What Are The Positives Of Using The Fastach Snap?

The pros are when changing lures speed and convenience.

Another benefit is you are not constantly cutting into your leader when tying on a new lure.

The Fastach clip can freely rotate around the lure’s tow point, giving the lure, good swimming action.

For catching sharp tooth critter fish, the line is also marginally further away from the hook, so the fishing line is a tiny bit further away from the fish’s mouth.

With a bit of practice, you can literally put the clip on with your eyes closed. Which in practical terms is handy for fishing at low light or dark, so you don’t have to use a torch all the time.

Some the normal snap swivels are very hard to put on. As you have to press down on the wire to unclip it, which when you have cold hands or fat fingers, is hard to do. The Fastach clip doesn’t require pressure to clip on, or undo the snap. Which is easier to connect in a rocking boat, or rough windy day.


Can You Use The Fastach Clip For Soft Plastics Fishing?

Mustad Fastach Clip with soft plastics

Yes, you can use the Fastach snap on soft plastics. Just attach it to the hook eye of the jig head.

You can use the clips on weedless jig heads, spinnerbaits, chatterbaits and all types of soft plastic lures. For different ways to rig up a Z-Man 2.5 inch curly tail grub, click on – 9 Ways To Rig Z-Man Soft Plastics 2.5” Grub


Do You Need A Snap Swivel As Well?

The clip shouldn’t twist the line / lure in the water, so you don’t need a swivel or snap swivel as well, unless you are using a big inline spinner, or a lure that will twist the line.

If you do like using a swivel, you can buy the Mustad Fastach Clip with a ball bearing swivel. This also comes in several sizes as well.

A soft plastic when retrieved, shouldn’t twist the fishing line. (Unless the grub / body is put on the hook very crooked.) So you don’t need a snap swivel.


Where To Buy The Mustad Clips?

Your local fishing store near you, BCF, Anaconda, eBay and Amazon also have them for sale.



Do You Use The Fastach Snap On A Bait Hook?

I suppose you could, (depending if it fits on smaller size hook eyes) but with a bait fishing rod set up, you generally don’t change hooks, only bait. So the general answer would be yes, but you don’t need to.



Mustad Fastach Snap

The Mustard Fastach has a quick connect system and doesn’t interfere with the lure’s action. As well as saving time fishing, it is easy to switch lures.


Author: Craig “Howie”