Z-Man Micro Finesse LarvaZ Review

  • Author: John Miller
  • Date: April 13, 2023

Z-Man Micro Finesse LarvaZ

Ever since I first saw the Z-Man Micro Finesse LarvaZ, I couldn’t wait to fish them and test them out. So in this article we are going to do a review, or field test if you like and take a closer look at them.

The Micro Finesse LarvaZ look like a nymph or larvae stage of some aquatic insects. You could mistake them for a mudeye, (dragon fly larvae), oversized nymph, or another small bait.

It is 1.75” long and comes in 8 different colors.

The lures were designed for catching American panfish and also work well on smaller size fish, or fussy fish. They can catch everything from rainbow trout, brown trout, bluegill, crappie, perch, smallmouth bass and largemouth bass.


Zman soft plastics Larvaz with redfin perch

They are made out of ElaZtech and are pretty strong for their size. However, a few toothy creatures have bit the tail off when I fished them, as it is very thin at the connection point. So that is one negative of this soft plastic bait.

It is recommended that you keep them in the original packaging and do not mix well with other soft plastics. As the colors can bleed into each other and also melt. (A lot of tackle boxes aren’t suitable to store the Z-Man lures as the plastic reacts to the baits.)

For more information, visit – How To Store Your Soft Plastics & Carry Them

The Z-Man Soft Plastics LarvaZ has 8 baits per pack. They are made in the USA.

Z-MAN Micro Finesse soft plastic bait

Z-Man Micro Finesse Range

Along the same time as the new Micro Finesse LarvaZ were introduced, Z-Man also put out a Micro Finesse range that includes:

  • Micro TRD
  • Tiny TicklerZ
  • StingerZ
  • Shad FryZ




What Size Jig Heads Do They Take?

Z-Man recommends the Shroomz jig heads. These come in a 1/20 ounce or 1/32 ounce with a size #4 or #6 hook.

(A size #1/0, #1 and size #2 hook are just too big and long for the tiny lure.)

The Shroomz jig heads are like a smaller Ned jig head and come in some nice color heads like, chartreuse, pumpkin and black.

The Micro Finesse LarvaZ can also be rigged on a Trout Magnet jig head. Which is a size #8 hook with a 1/64 oz. jig head.


How Do You Fish The Z-Man LarvaZ?

Z-Man Micro Finesse LarvaZ under bobber float

You can rig the LarvaZ with a jig head and just a thin leader, like a fluorocarbon leader material and cast it like a normal soft plastic. Just like you would a 2.5 inch curly tail grub.

This article also has some fishing methods to use – Tips and Tricks to Fishing Soft Plastics: Proven Techniques

You can also put it under a bubble / float and fish it in lakes and streams and rivers and fish it the same way as a Trout Magnet.

Under a bubble float, it can suspend it over the bottom and works well over weed beds and around structure. If the lake / stream has a current, ripples or waves, this helps move the bubble float and gives the soft plastic bait some movement.

Because of the thin tail section of the LarvaZ, you don’t need to impart much action on the lure. You can do very small twitches or slow jerks to the rod.

It is buoyant which when combined with a weighted jig head will put the tail up, giving it movement to attract panfish.

A slow retrieve, with a few small vertical hops works to give it some movement.

Fishing in currents, the soft plastic works well as the flowing water gives it movement. Cast up stream and let if drift back past under banks, overhanging trees and near structures.


How Do You Rig The Micro Finesse LarvaZ?

This will depend on the fish species you are after and the conditions. (Clarity of water, etc.) A light 4 pound fluorocarbon leader or for bigger targeted fish, a 5 lb. or 6 pound test will do the trick. The main line might be monofilament fishing line, or braid. (Or use the whole line and leader out of fluorocarbon.)

Some anglers might even go for a very light 2 pound fishing line, for very small streams and ponds.

You could even rig it with a normal small hook, if you don’t want (taking into account it has buoyant material) to use a jig head. If a plain hook isn’t heavy enough to sink it, us some split shot on the fishing line.


Can You Use A Snap On The Jig Head?

You could, but because of the small size of the lure, you might be best to just connect the fishing line leader directly to the jig head, instead of a snap or clip.

A size #0 Mustard Fastach Clip will work, but be mindful of the extra tackle coming off the small lure.


Where Can You Buy The Z-Man LarvaZ?

It is available from your local quality tackle stores or online at:

  • Z-Man Store
  • Bass Pro Shops
  • Bass Master
  • Tackle Warehouse
  • Fishing Online
  • Cabelas
  • Walmart

As it is relatively new, not all tackle shops have it in stock yet.

Z-Man Micro Finesse LarvaZ with perch

What Other Micro Soft Plastics Brands Are There That Are Similar?

Trout Magnet, Strike Tiger Lures and also Bobby Garland Baby Shad are some other smaller, or micro size soft plastics that are similar in size.

How To Fish A Trout Magnet | Plus 8 Ways To Set It Up


What Are The Negatives Of The LarvaZ?

The Shroomz jig heads in the smaller size 6 hook are hard to find from suppliers to buy.

Because it is a small soft plastic lure, it is understandably hard to cast any long distance.

For very toothy fish, the thin tail section will eventually get cut up and come off.


What Colors Do They Come In?

Z-Man LarvaZ black color.

The Z-Man Micro Finesse LarvaZ comes in eight different colors, they are:

  • Black
  • Bloodworm
  • Glow
  • Green Pumpkin
  • Hot Chartreuse
  • Motor Oil
  • Pink Glow
  • Red


Video – Underwater Lure Action

Watch the video below to see the Micro Finesse Larvaz in action.



Z-Man Micro Finesse LarvaZ infographic

The Z-Man Micro Finesse LarvaZ is a great little soft plastic lure that will catch a wide range of smaller size targeted pan fish, or fussy big ones.

It has realistic movement in the water and is ideal for small streams and ponds, or in clear water trying to fool a big trout.


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